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"He's coming for Harry."

That's nothing new, is it? He's tried to get at me again and again, why is this any different? They don't want me to go. Of course they don't; they don't think that I'm ready, do they? No, in spite of all that shite Snape has made me do.

It's not really that hard to really want to use a unforgiveable curse. But now I can't get the feeling of it off of my hands. It's there... twisting and pulling and then you just reach out and the words are there and then there's nothing but pain, or power or death. I can't turn it off now, and it doesn't... distinguish between those you want to hurt and those that you're just hacked off at. It's there when I pick up my wand, and it's there when I think about him and I can feel it burning.

Snape wants me to go. Snape? He's pushed and pushed and hasn't let up at all, and now I'm.... ready.

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